Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Buck Starts Here: UPDATE!

If you are new to the blog, all posts prior to this one are from my other blog. From this post on, everything will be new, and, of course, all about the Ashley X "treatment" and its implications.

It is only if every parent says NO to this group of growth attenuating procedures that this will stop. Unfortunately, it's out there now and that makes it harder to do so. Awareness must be built that this "treatment option" for children with severe disabilities is a violation of their human rights. We must also stand against any concept of "personhood" that challenges the notion that those with cognitive disabilities are somehow less human and not needing protection of their rights to grow up whole. We must be vigilant against the slippery slope that will not only further marginalize those with disabilities, but put them at risk of being surgically altered for caregivers' convenience at the hands of the medical establishment.

It's just plain wrong, people. It has to stop.

UPDATE!! Dr. William Peace of "Bad Cripple" has kindly allowed me to copy all of his "Ashley" posts onto the site as well! His perspective is highly valued. I recommend you take a look.


  1. We all have to speak for Ashley and others being subjected to such mutilation, the only word for it. Keep up the good fight, there are many of us right there with you.

  2. I'll have do read more about this but so far it sounds inhumane and I rarely cry but I'm tearing up right now... Keep fighting

  3. Why would anyone dare appose your point of view, when you fail to write anything but biased self oppinionated unrelenting propoganda.

    Your arguments are flawed, your statements invaled and you knowledge impossible.

    Do not judge people by your own values or you risk being judge on theirs

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Move along then and go read stuff that only agrees with YOUR point of view. And I recommend you use your spell check.