Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Profoundly Disabled Adults are "Freaks": Dr. Fost

A very important site dedicated to the Ashley "treatment" is Huahima's blog "Mysteries and Questions Surrounding the Ashley X Case". Whoever huahima is, I can't get over the details that individual has access to. All I can say is "Thank you". I follow the site religiously and do my best to understand all the relevant material. Today's post is drawn from that blog...I hope, huahima that you don't mind...I have no idea how to contact you. Let me know if you disapprove.

I can't possibly keep track of everything that's out there about the case, though I do my best. My perspective, furthermore, is not so much academic in nature, but is from a parent's eye view. This stuff matters to me because it is very close to home. I worry about other children in other homes too. Parents need to know there are people out there who not only understand what they are going through, but that it is indeed possible to care for their children without resorting to the drastic measures proposed by some individuals.

In any case, what follows will not need a lot of explanation on my part. I hope you find it as unbelieveable as I do. Here is a direct quote from Dr. Fost himself, an individual known to be Dr. Diekema's "mentor"...the same doctor who is now vigorously promoting G.A. Here is what Fost has to say:

I also agree with the father’s observation that having her size be more appropriate to ‘her developmental level will make her less of a “freak” (my word, not his). I have long thought that part of the discomfort we feel in looking at profoundly retarded adults is the aesthetic disconnect between their developmental status and their bodies. There is nothing repulsive about a 2 month old infant, despite its limited cognitive, motor and social skills. But when the 2 month baby is put into a 20 year old body, the disconnect is jarring. (emphasis mine) (Scientific American)

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, in plain words. A doctor dealing with children with profound disabilities thinks severely disabled adults are FREAKS. And so the way to deal with society's "discomfort" is to mutilate the bodies of children.

The next time you read anything that tries to tell you that G.A. is about improving the quality of life of children with multiple challenges, remember this quote and understand very clearly that what this is REALLY about is improving the quality of life of everyone around these children. Do not be deceived. Less work, less trouble, less visual insult, no more freaks.

Do I really need to say more?

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  1. Wow. That's what I call bedside manners. I feel like Dr. Fost just spat in my face. If he called a different group of people (African-American, gay/lesbian, Asian etc.) something half as insulting, he would be socially assassinated, but somehow it's okay to use degrading language to describe people with disabilities. Infuriating.