Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Conference it is...the Conference. Do you remember me mentioning that I was going to a conference? It is in Baltimore, MD, on April can see my name along with Bill Peace's at the 1 - 2:15 session....

'cept I wont be there! Damn. Suffice it to say, that life got in the way. And yes, I am horribly disappointed, and I won't get to meet Bill Peace either. Total bummer. All is not lost, however...I will
actually be on video! Yessiree, the Luddite is going to have a 5 minute video presentation slot. Cool... It's not the same as being there...I recognize so many names of people whose work I have read...but, I still get to contribute...thanks to Anita Tarzian.

In any case...thanks for being here today. I will be working hard on a summative written piece next...which I may post...and getting the video situation set up. Wish me luck.

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