Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Best for Last

The most exceptional piece of writing and argument against g.a. comes from this article, "Discrimination against Children with Cognitive Impairments?" by

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  1. "Yet we have learned that once we stop supposing that they don’t know the difference anyway, we learn how often they understood the treatment as mistreatment.

    The Pandora’s Box of horrors is opened still again when severe cognitive disability is the lone and sole indicator for a certain treatment. The shame of it is made that much worse when some turn out to be cognizant of their mistreatment. The risk that these demons will reemerge is too great for the procedure to be acceptable."

    Unfortunately there will always be those that will remain blind to even their own child's rights, preferring to see the "good" in what is good for themselves, and thus in extension good for their child. Also convinced that a particular treatment is palatable because no amount of convincing will elucidate for them that their child DOES have cognition.
    This is further complicated by children such as my own son, who's only way of communicating disagreement is if there is significant pain present which allows his body to contort spastically with an accompanying scream and tears.
    The subtlety of disagreement or discomfort is completely lost with a child such as my son and so it would be easy to see his behaviour as, at the very least, not resisting.
    One day technology may come to the rescue but I fear until then this area, for children as extremely physically and mentally disabled as my son, will remain hopelessly gray.